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We are buying Cards, Packs, Boxes, and Cases of Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey. We can travel to you if you would like. We will give you an estimate on what your collection is worth based on market history. We offer fair prices for your collection or give you an option to consign your cards for Xplor Sports to sell your cards for you.


Buying List -


Pre 1980 Wax Packs or Boxes
1933-1978 Cards

Pre 1980 Wax Packs and Boxes
1969-1975 Cards
1986-1988 Fleer Cards
1986-1988 Fleer Wax Packs and Boxes
1996 Packs, Boxes, and Cards
2003 Packs, Boxes, and Cards

Pre 1975 Wax Packs, Boxes, and Cards
1984 Wax Packs, Boxes, and Cards
1986 Wax Packs, Boxes, and Cards

1979 Topps and OPC Wax Packs, Boxes, and Cards

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